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Wait. Sunscreen doesn’t prevent skin cancer?

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Everybody knows someone with a Cancer story. Whether it’s someone you love, a friend, coworker, neighbor, or even you, this disease is familiar to everyone. I don’t like it because it took my grandfather when I was ten years old. He was bigger than life to me because of what happened a year earlier.  A rooster that had wandered from the farm next door chased me from the front yard to the back of the house, and nipped me on the shin. As I sat on the ground, wounded, just shy of reaching the back door, my grandfather was there and yelled, “Get outta here!” And just like that, the bird scurried back to the farm. The next year he died because Cancer didn’t care about that. We all have a Cancer story. And we all will likely have more. As I write this, a dear relative just received her diagnosis. I’m a lot older now and much more equipped with knowledge and understanding and love. But it doesn’t hurt any less.

It’s not a secret that I favor medical alternatives. I spent the bulk of my career as a medical alternative. Medicine has come a long way since my grandfather’s day. However, I remain skeptical. It’s not the lack advancement that keeps me weary but rather the plethora of corporate control and financial interest. This article is reminiscent of that. Sunscreen has been touted for decades as a tool to prevent skin cancer. Yet, when the authors of this article dived into the research, they report there is scant evidence of sunscreen preventing cancer. But sunscreen does block vitamin D, of which a deficiency is positively correlated with Cancer. Who could have possibly benefited from decades of unsupported advice that sunscreen prevents cancer? I’m not here to convince anyone of anything but I would be remiss in my duty if I didn’t at least share this with you. It comes from the People’s Pharmacy. Happy reading…

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