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Sharon loves helping young families with children. In 2007, when her son was kicked out of multiple daycare centers, she saw a need to help kids who didn’t exactly fit in. So, in 2007 she started Kids On 12th and has served thousands of families. They’ve never turned a child away because of behavior because has created a curriculum and an environment where all kids can thrive. She has actually been sought out by dignitaries and provided care for their children and even grandchildren. 

Rich is a Renaissance Man. He proudly served 4 years in the United States Air Force. He practiced as of Doctor of Chiropractic for 14 years. He served in Education or 10 years and in 2016 started an insurance agency.  You might be thinking that’s quite a lot but it wasn’t all roses, he can tell you.

In 2016, Dr. Parenti started with Aflac. He then became an independent agent for Top Insurance carriers. This brings choices to his clients and they can decide which coverage they want, instead of being sold a policy from a particular carrier.  Today, he helps seniors with Medicare. (click the link) and families find out about Life, Supplemental Health, Disability, Term and Whole Life insurance coverage.

Parenti Life is MegaLegacy. We are different than your average insurance agency because our value is service. Everyone starts with a FREE  consultation (click the link to reserve your call). This is needed to determine if we can help.

List of Coverages:

Medicare, Prescription Drug Plans, Dental, Vision, Hospital Indemnity, Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Disability and yes, Aflac!

Dr. Rich Parenti

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Are you turning 65?


Sharon and I are not there yet but we’re getting closer and it’s not like it used to be, is it?

Our parents have been retired for some time now, but they are the last of a generation that receives Employer-Sponsored healthcare in retirement (especially the plans that provide coverage for life, like they have).

Yes, those days are gone. 

Today, we would be lucky to have any retirement benefits, much less healthcare. We do have Medicare, but it doesn’t cover everything and it’s not that easy to understand. There are so many choices, and exceptions, and… Parts! There are Parts A & B which is Original Medicare. There is Part C that takes the place of Parts A and B. Then there’s Part D, for Drugs which is sometimes included in Part C but not always. And finally, there’s Part E, which is not really Medicare at all, but it fills in the gaps of Medicare. It’s sometimes even called “Medigap.” Then, when we’re turning 65, we only have a few months to do our research and hopefully, we pick the right plan.

What’s worse still is the choices we make now (when we first become eligible for Medicare) could effect the choices we’ll have (including how much we’ll pay) in the future! And the right choice for one person is not necessarily the right choice for someone else. Medicare is a highly individualized need. 

When People ask about Medicare, one of the first questions they have, relates to cost. Medicare is not free and it doesn’t cover everything. So, with that in mind, I created a Table that compares the change in cost of Medicare from last year to this year and published it here

If you want to know how much different types of coverages cost, you might like to check out this link Online Medicare Quotes. This is a a consumer-approved site by the government

It’s only one of the tools that I use when I’m researching quotes for my clients. But you can get a quick peek.

When you get a Medicare Plan from us, we know how to navigate the complexities of Medicare. For example, a recent client got a bill from a doctor that she didn’t expect. She immediately called me and I was able to solve the problem in a single phone call.

It doesn’t cost anything to have an agent. In fact, carriers prefer to have agents involved to service accounts because it saves them time and manpower hours.

Plus, there’s no discount for policyholders who don’t have an agent – Only headaches when you call them! For most people, that alone is worth having an agent.

If you’d like someone to walk you through the processes of Medicare, I can be that person but the choice is always yours. My number is below. Just Call. 

Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, & Prescription Drug available from multiple carriers 

Dr. Richard Parenti

(267) 367-5600

email: rich@megalegacy.com



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