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Dr. Rich & Sharon

My grandfather is in the hospital dying of cancer and my parents are on the road to Buffalo, to say their final goodbye’s to my Mom’s dad. I’m ten years old and staying with Aunt Bea for a couple of weeks. Many adults remember what happens to them when they are ten years old. I remember that my favorite grandfather dies, the winter I stay with Aunt Bea. I remember playing a handheld pinball game during that stay and a silly little prediction that my score is the age that I, too, will die. And for years to come, that sits in the back of my mind and makes me live my life with a sense of urgency that most people could never comprehend. To some, I’m an overachiever. To others, I just refuse to settle into life. To me, I’m unaware of why I have an unending drive to do everything. I’m unaware of why I believe life is short. And it’s not until I turn 56 years old that it occurs to me that I have been unconsciously terrified that my prediction is a self-fulling prophecy that will claim my life. It’s one of the reasons I become a doctor and serve healthcare for 14 years. It’s why I was one of the first doctors to develop a multidisciplinary approach to practice by incorporating Physical Medicine, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Massage into one setting. I taught other doctors and helped to open several multidisciplinary offices in New York and Philadelphia. Then, I was severely impacted by the attacks on 9/11 and forced to reinvent myself. I devoted the next decade of my life to Education. I taught high school Science, College Anatomy, and was selected a The Medical Program Director, promoted to Academic Dean and then Campus Director. My ambition to serve is at the heart of who I am. It brought me to the United States Air Force right after high school and validated my desire to serve. I received an honorable discharge, a humanitarian service award, and the Air Force Medal. In 2016, I became licensed in Insurance. and I currently help people understand and enroll in policies and plans that make sense for them. Medicare, life insurance and others. My mission and purpose is to serve, and teach and help people. I also met Sharon in 2016. She Founded and owns a successful child care Center in the heart of Philadelphia. She is surrounded by people who care about her and want to help her. Families love her. Employees have stayed with her for decades. She is a master of nurturing relationships. And she is love of my life, teaching me the same. So, now that I can’t die when I’m 56 years old anymore, I’m happy to be a student of the meaning of life. Veteran Owned Business Directory, Get your free listing, now!

Available Insurance

  • Medicare Advantage (Part C)
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Life Insurance
    • Children’s
    • Term & Whole Life
    • Final Expense
    • Mortgage Protection
    • Disability Income
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