Don’t Be a GoFundMe Statistic

REAL GoFundMe Request…“Tuesday morning a house fire took the lives of my granddaughter Brittani Rodden, her two children Carter (5) and Wesley (2) as well as their father Jonathan Taulbee. Jonathan got out of the fire along with two other family members but loving father Jonathan went back into the fire in an attempt to save his family but did not make it out. Now our family and the Taulbee family are left setting up arraignments for four family members with no notice. Please help us in laying this young family that was taken way to soon to rest.”

REAL GoFundMe Request…“My only older brother, Benjamin King, was tragically killed as a victim in a car accident at 22 years old. The other driver, age 17, was fleeing from the cops going 100 mph in a stolen vehicle. He crashed into Ben, and Ben’s car went flying and slammed into a traffic light pole. My mother is filling out a victim’s report for the state in hope of potential aid. Whether it be $20, $200 or anything you feel called to donate, we would greatly appreciate it to bring the funeral and burial costs down. Thank you for your continuous prayers and support.”

It hurts when someone we love dies. No one can take away the emotional pain. Nor Should they.

Proper life insurance can help to ease the financial burden of an unexpected loss.

What would your loved one’s lives look like tomorrow if you died today? 

How will their lifestyle change?

Will your children be able to stay in the same schools?

Or will you become a GoFundMe in order to pay for your funeral?

Life insurance provides a death benefit, and many carriers offer living benefits as well (money you can withdraw while you’re alive) which can help provide financial security that is generally income tax-free. For legacy building, funeral expenses, or even to pay off a mortgage, life insurance may be the vehicle you need to protect your family. If you have set aside funds, you owe it to yourself to explore how life insurance can help efficiently pass those funds to financially secure your family in case you’re gone too soon. If you don’t, you owe it to your family to protect them from financial hardship when you die.


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