Dear Coronavirus,

I’m breaking up with you.

Dear Coronavirus,

Maybe I didn’t want to see what was happening. Maybe you still don’t see it. But if we’re being honest, it was never going to last anyway.

I’ll always remember how we met, in China of all places. You were at the market, standing so quietly among the busyness around you. Like a creeping thistle in a perpetual meadow, I noticed your novelty and I found myself starring. I was struck by how different you seemed.

Innocent, I thought.

When you finally peered in my direction my heart danced. In that millisecond of time, our eyes locked but you quickly glanced away. Except, I saw a gentle smile come across your face. Ever so slightly, did the corners of your mouth rise as you pretended to inspect the produce with your delicate fingers. It was in that moment that I knew we were going to be in for one amazing ride. And it has been an amazing ride.

You have certainly traveled the world! Italy, Germany, Spain and so many other countries. It wasn’t so easy everywhere. Do you remember what in Taiwan? You couldn’t get in. They cancelled your flight as soon as they knew they were on your itinerary, Your time in Korea was cut short, too, but you were determined to go on a whorl wind tour of the globe. And you did!

That all seems like so long ago. So much has happened since.

I should have seen it in Italy but being the land of my ancestors I was blind to your allure. Maybe I thought it was love. Who knows? But my God! Look at what you’ve done. How could you? How dare you!

I have been following you here in the United States and quite frankly, I’m appalled by your behavior in New York. Did you really think no one would notice? Did you really think you could get away with acting like that in New York?

It breaks my heart, coronavirus, that I can’t help you. I just wish you could see that you don’t have to treat people the way you do. Why can’t you be more like your distant cousin, the common cold?

I’m slowing shaking my head at you because you’ve made quite the name for yourself. Do you know they call you COVID-19?

Let’s face it, things will never be the same. But I did some digging and there’s hope. Real hope. New York is starting to recover and so are most of the other places where you’ve wreaked havoc. Maybe you’re sorry. Maybe you don’t care. I don’t know. I do know that our time together is over.

I’m sure that you don’t want this end. I’m sure you’ll promise to change, and all that. The thing is, I really believe that one day you will. And that scares me. So it’s time to say goodbye. I would have said this to you face to face, but I felt it would be too dangerous for me.

Coronavirus, I need some space. Six feet, approximately. And I need some time to be alone, at least 14 days, maybe longer. Please don’t try to see my family or my friends because I’ve already told them to stay away from you. Frankly, I don’t think anyone likes you right now anyway.

Listen, I hope we can remember this for what it’s going to bring. It been crazy but I believe that one day we’ll be able to reminisce about how much good actually came from our paths crossing, rather than the horrible things that occurred. But don’t be mistaken, we’re over. I”m not going to dwell on trying to get over you. In fact, I never want to see you again, unless it’s behind a N95 mask, or maybe in a vaccine.

Not ever yours,


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