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An Apple (Watch) A Day?

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Seniors may be getting Apple watches with Medicare

Watch Out! The Times Are Changing

If you didn’t get a gold watch when you retired, you might get a better one when you turn 65. According to a CNBC  news report, Apple may be in talks with insurance companies about providing an Apple watch as a Medicare benefit. The news organization reports that Apple has already signed deals Aetna and United Healthcare that reward healthy habits. Now, it’s being reported that Medicare insurers are considering giving its beneficiaries an Apple watch, (also or instead).

The most likely Medicare plan to get an Apple watch (at a reduced or no cost) is Medicare Advantage. This is the plan that takes the place of Medicare Parts A and B and has lower monthly premiums. It’s also the plan that has more lower-income beneficiaries.

An Apple watch with Medicare is another example of how technology is impacting our lives, regardless of our opinions. The Apple watch has some incredible features that could save money for insurers by reducing expensive health interventions (such as Emergency Room visits). Apple could also stand to make billions of dollars because the Medicare Advantage market has about 20 million people.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) or (EKG)

The technology of an Apple watch could save lives, too, by potentially being able to detect health abnormalities before they become an emergency. For example, the latest versions of the watch have an EKG capability. This is the test that is used by cardiologists to detect potentially deadly heart rhythms.

This would be a huge win for consumers.

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