Owning an Insurance agency might not have been your childhood dream but somehow you got here. By now, you may already know that Insurance is a $7 trillion industry and whether you’ve realized your life’s dream or are still discovering it, you see value in having a piece of a $7 trillion industry.

What you may not know is that you don’t have to be the person everyone avoids at family gatherings. Symmetry Financial Group has eliminated the stigma of being an “insurance agent” because you don’t have to prospect friends and family to make a living. You can live your life with dignity, honesty, and integrity.

You will need drive. You will need empathy. And if you don’t already have a license, you will need that too. And with these three things you can create the life you dreamed you would have by now. To become an Agency Owner in Symmetry Financial Group first watch the few short clips below. If living this lifestyle speaks to you…  Schedule time with me

Watch below as Rita Law discusses what her life was like before she became a broker with Symmetry Financial Group. Rita started with Symmetry in 2015 owing $30,000 in debt. At the time of this video, she owned The Law Agency and in 2018 earned an ownership stake in Symmetry Financial Group. This means her Agency earns an annual bonus equivalent to a percentage of Symmetry Financial Group’s annual profits. No other company does that. This bonus is more than most insurance agents’ annual salary in the field. She has paid off her debt and is actively helping Parenti Life Company and other independent symmetry brokers become successful independent agencies within Symmetry Financial Group.



In this video below, you’ll discover if becoming a Symmetry Financial Group Agency is right for you. If our mission and values appeal to you… Schedule time with me

After a successful interview you will receive an invitation to our online application.


Symmetry offers you the opportunity to own your Agency. The Agency Owner contract allows you to sell it, transfer it, will it and also provides you extended vacations and the ability to retire and continue to receive override commissions.

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