2019 Medicare Changes

Part A Premium: $437 (Most people don’t pay this). It was $422. INCREASE: $15/month

Part A Co-insurance: Days 1-60; $0, Days 61-90; $341/day; Days 91-150; $682/day It was $0, $335, $670. INCREASE: $0, $6, $12 (per day)

Part A Hospital Deductible: $1,364. It was $1,340 INCREASE: $24 (for each benefit period)

Part B Premium: $135.50 (If you make less than $85,000/year). It was $134. INCREASE: $1.50/month

Part B Deductible and Coinsurance: $185 deductible per year, then 20% co-insurance. It was $183, then 20% co-insurance.

Part C Premium: These are Medicare Advantage plans (contact for comparison quotes)

Part D Premium: Varies by plan and is based on income (contact for comparison quotes)