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Are you turning 65?

Sharon and I are not there yet but we’re getting closer and it’s not like it used to be. Our parents have been retired for some time now but they are the last of a generation that receives Employer-Sponsored healthcare in retirement (especially the plans that provide coverage for life, like they have).

Yes, those days are gone. 

Today, we would be lucky to have any retirement benefits, much less healthcare. We do have Medicare, but it’s not that easy to understand because there are so many choices, and exceptions, and Parts! There are Parts A & B which is Original Medicare. There is Part C that takes the place of Parts A and B. Then there’s Part D, which is sometimes included in Part C but not always. And finally, there’s Part E, which is not really Medicare but fills in the gaps of Medicare and is sometimes even called “Medigap.” If that’s not enough, we only have 7 months to do our research and choose the right plan.

What’s worse still is the choices we make now (when we first become eligible for Medicare) could effect the choices we’ll have (including how much we’ll pay) in the future! And the right choice for one person is not necessarily the right choice for someone else. Medicare is a highly individualized need. 

This is where I want to help. I’m a doctor and when I was in Practice I was a Medicare Provider. I know Medicare from the perspective of a doctor and from the perspective of my patients. I know how Medicare reimburses  doctors as well as beneficiaries. And, now I know how Medicare reimburses agents (more on that, to come).  

I’m often asked why I don’t see patients anymore and the answer is that it wasn’t entirely my choice. From the time I graduated in 1996 until it all ended, things were great. I had successful offices and several employees.

September 11, 2001 caught the world off guard and I was no exception. Before the attacks, I was commuting to New York City from the suburbs every day. I would leave early in the morning and get home late at night. Then, in March 2001 my daughter was born and I wanted to be closer to home. So, I invested heavily in a brand new office that was less than a mile from home. It had state-of-the-art equipment, from x-rays to furniture. It was beautiful.

I soon began my transition out of the city, commuting only on Tuesdays. Months before my daughter arrived, I had turned my business over to another group. There was no turning back.

On August 13, 2001, I saw my first patient in my brand new office. For the next few weeks, at least, I was enjoying a healthy work/life balance. I was able to go into work later, come home for lunch, and even have a family visit during the day.   

With the news that changed the world in the following month, a new reality set in. It hit the pocketbooks of my community, my neighbors and my practice. We held on for 2 years, only to burn through everything we had accumulated and until New York was no longer an affordable place to live.

With a bitterness in my heart, I was able to sell my practice for the value of the equipment and the remaining lease. We sold our home and many of our possessions and moved to North Carolina, where my parents had retired. In less than a year, we were divorced. Life had to start all over again.

Today, I have a successful insurance agency and a new life.  (Sharon, who will hopefully say “yes” to becoming my wife) is a wonderful person. She is a successful business woman on the other side of the helping spectrum. She owns a well established and renowned daycare and preschool in Center City, Philadelphia. I’m so fortunate to have met such a wonderful person!

When I decided to enter the world of insurance, I didn’t know right away that I wanted to be a Medicare Advisor. I started with Aflac (because who doesn’t like the duck!) and the more I sat in front of people at their jobs, providing supplemental coverage for accident, heart attack, stroke, etc. the more I realized how much companies are cutting back on their benefits. I deeply wondered what help is going to be available when my clients retire?

Well, help is what I do best. So, I completed the training required by the Centers for Medicare Services and became a certified Medicare Advisor. And here you are today, reading my story (thank you!).

One of the first things people ask is, How much will it cost? I created a Table that compares the change in cost of Medicare from last year and published it on this site. You can see it here or by clicking the “Medicare Changes” link at the top of the page. 

If you want to know how much different types of coverages cost, you can also click on the link below to get quotes…  

Online Medicare Quote Site

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This link (above) is a commercial quoting tool. It is informative, but may not show quotes for all carriers, even when you enter your zip code. I don’t use it as a definitive tool for finding the best policies but it’s approved by CMS for consumers. Also, if you do use this tool, your inquiry will come directly to me and I can help you from there. You’re still not obligated to buy.

Now, in case you are wondering, the link above is how I get paid. But you should know that you don’t need an agent to enroll in Medicare.  You can go directly to the government’s official website Medicare.gov and enroll online yourself. 

But here’s why you might not want to do that

Yes, it’s true you can cut me out as your agent. But there is no benefit in doing that because there is no discount, no refund, no savings. You won’t pay any more for coverage because I’m your agent. The prices and policies you find online, even at Medicare.gov are the exact ones that I can write. The only difference is, if you go it alone, you won’t have someone to act on your behalf if you need help later in the year. In other words, if I’m listed as your agent, I can speak directly with your carrier about your policy on your behalf. This is important because I will know who to ask for answers you need. For example, if you get a bill you weren’t expecting or you have a question about your coverage. I’m here all year long to navigate through the red tape. You won’t have to call 1-800-Who-Is-This?

The choice is still yours. My number is below. You can call and leave a message. You’ll hear from me within 24 hours (even on weekends).

(And also, I send birthday and Christmas cards to all my clients every year, by hand, not on a computer). I hope to hear from you!

It’s my number
but it’s your call…

(267) 367-5600

(Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug & Medicare Supplement Plans available from multiple carriers) 

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